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May 13, 2006



Holy crap, that was brilliant and hilarious! God of the Internets! "Did you just call me Gaelic?"

That so very, very much made my night. You talented bLAggers, you!


I laughed so much it was probably unhealthy.

And then I plugged it.


it read me. mein gott en hiebel, it READ ME!


And for some reason, I thought Paul Davidson was Gino.

Me? I blame the tequila.


Merujo-- Thanks... it was fun to do. I love these bLAggers!

Dariush-- A plug?? SWEET.

Groonker-- Du hast mich gefragt?

Dariush-- Ha! Paul is the evil Russian blogger. Gino is the stagehand.


Totally hilarious. Great job, AJ!


Great! I'm glad your finally doing something productive with your time. Hilarious as always.


Was that also you as the uncredited part of mysterious lighting guy? Sublime and moving, more so as the feelings were conveyed sans words.

Oh wait...I decided to watch the credits again... ummm yeah...woo Gino...

Hell, my weak ass consumer constitution has been over takin by the power of the trailer. Ship it I say.
Nice work ya'all.


Told you guys it was all my fault that AJ was tied up! :-)

PS: AJ, you won the Batleth auction. Send your check for 1,000.00 and I'll ship it to you via the awesome.

Magazine Man

I displaced internal organs from laughing so hard.

A little bird told me you did the Shazam! style VO that heralded the "God of the Internets" arrival. Guess Shane didn't have the larynx to pull it off, huh? ;-)

Well done, sir!



your german knowledge dwarfs my meager lexicon.


AJ, you kick ass. 'Nuff said.

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