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December 01, 2006



You have a definite cutie there AJ! I would like to have another dog someday but I don't know when I'll get one.

My aunt recently rescued an abandoned kitten who has now grown into a 13-pound tabby. And he's not completely done growing yet, either. But at least he's friendly.

Mister Groonk

cat's are wont to steal your breath while you sleep...but i kid. mostly.

seriously though, that's one cute kitten. i want to get a puppy one day in the future. most likely from a local animal shelter.

hmm just thought. Neil Gaiman wrote a short story about a cat that fought the devil each night to protect his human family from harm. that was a wonderful story, actually.


So cute!


Aw. So cute! Now you've got quick blog/vlog fodder at your fingertips, eh?


wow...a cat...

hhrvt - heather

awww I have such kitten lust


Awww such a cutie!

Domino has something serious swatting action going on ;-)


That kitty has a whole bunch of naughty on its face!!! I miss my kitty!


such cuteness! does dom chase shadows and flashlights?

looking forward to hearing some good news!


I can't see the video. I don't know why quicktime has been messing up for me. I guess i need a new computer.

I'm assuming from the comments that the new addition is a new dog and you didn't name your child Domino. Congrats AJ.

Nicole Gentile

Delivery was a real bitch. But, we are handsomely rewarded with this bundle of joy. If only Burton were here to share in the cat-dog lovin'.


I never thought you'd become a pussy blogger. How wrong was I?


If I wasn't too lazy to take care of one, I'd want a cat like that...

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