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May 31, 2007



Too bad for all the idiots out there. I'm so grateful there are people like you in the world AJ. The world would be a funner and happier place with more AJ-like peeps. And Bravo for being protective with your family. My hubby is the same way and he's the greatest. Keep being who you are. Most of us sane people love ya!


I think we should borrow Wil and Shane's ewoks and capes for this moment. Too bad there are so many deluded, dense people out there. Oh well, it is their loss if they cannot appreciate the AJ-ness.

Keep on, keepin' on.


AJ, I will ALWAYS have your back..LOCK & LOAD!


"We prefer to keep our bullets in the gun until they're needed"


Sic vis pacum para bellum.

Karmic Warranty Center

Karma can be a bitch for some people, thankfully:






Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. We can't win 'em all, right?
Never apologize for who you are. :)

Ralph Dambrosio

Principal Richard Vernon from the Breakfast Club? Bull. Horns.

Jennifer Lankenau

Hehee...Paul's on your potty. That's good stuff.

Another favorite blogger of mine is WaiterRant...he's got a book coming out on Amazon.com...

I stil need to get Pauly D's book...I've been out of the blogging loop for a loooong time...need to remedy that.

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