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May 31, 2007



Ha ha - that's true success, man! Congratulations! :oD


I haven't received any hate mail yet. I think I need to try harder in my blog to offend people occasionally.


Sure took those emos long enough to find that post.

I've often wondered what possesses someone to (a) search the Internet, looking for pages that offend them (okay, maybe he stumbled across it, but the rest still applies), then (b) actually go read the page, and (c) be so outraged that he has to send a response. Why does this guy with the cartoon name even *care*? (Sorry, but "Rick Rapier?" Give me the proverbial effin' break.)

Years ago, I posted something negative about Amway. I would periodically receive similar hate mail (also with plenty of misspellings and apostrophic disasters), and I'd have the same reactions, each time: "Damn, is this funny." and "Why is every one of these idiots unable to use English properly?" and "Why, in the name of all that's holy, does this wanker even *care* what I've posted on my dusty little corner of the Internet?"

Anyway, I'm glad this wanker *did* care. His letter, your response, and your original anti-emo rant (which I re-read) made for a much-needed morning chuckle.


Why would he (and others who seem to think that is the height of insult) wish that on some poor unsuspecting goat? I really like goats (not like-like, but like). Driving by to see pygmy goats, in particular, always brightens my day. Can't wait for the mama pygmy to give birth so I can see even littler goats.

(Well damn, I was going to link to a post with shots of adorable pygmy goats to elicit sympathy for them, but your blog doesn't allow html comments. oh well.)


Lions and Tigers and Pigmy's O-MY!


you *have* arrived. god help you if you ever get mormon hate mail.

who knew emos* were psychotic.

oh wait, that's right. everybody knows. cause they're fucking emo!

*done on purpose. yes.


Wow. What a douche. But yeah, it means you have finally arrived in the blogosphere. =P I think I'm even harsher when it comes to those darling little emo boys and their tiny girl pants. Does he not realize grown-ups don't really care about labels? You leave that crap behind in high school with ex-boyfriends and braces.

Mark MacLeod

I think that finger trick thing may have been the running trick that GOB kept trying to do on Arrested Development. I think he actually got it to work once, too.

FWIW, I have never personally been with a goat, but I believe that some employees at my former workplace must've had photos of the boss with one or more.


So . . . your response was to click that little link at the bottom that says "Invite Rick to Gmail," right?


God, I suck -- nobody ever sends me hatemail.


AJ You did NOT sit at the cool lunch table in HS. You ate either Taco Bell or free hot dogs from 7-11 in your car. I know. I was there.

random girl

That is totally one of my very favorite fonts! I had never thought of using it for hate mail before! hmmmm....note to self: Write letter to Mother in Law.

Matt Gold

Jocks and preps? Dont forget about the socs and the greesers.


I could laugh more after reading this but the aneurysm would kill me.
When you reply to the folks remind them that wrist slitting is more effective when you go "Down the Block; NOT Across the Street".


Posted by: Sandra | June 05, 2007 at 08:40 AM
AJ You did NOT sit at the cool lunch table in HS. You ate either Taco Bell or free hot dogs from 7-11 in your car. I know. I was there.

Bitch! How did you get free 7-11 hot dogs? I would have killed for that privelege!

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