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May 04, 2007



I'm personally quite tired of celebrities spouting off about matters that are clearly beyond their intellectual capabilities. I recently stumbled across a piece by, of all people, Sheryl Crow, wherein she shared her vast body of knowledge about energy production, coal versus nuclear versus wind power, etc. Suffice to say, she should stick to music; her comments betrayed her lack of understanding.

Spare us all from idiots with big mouthpieces.


Didn't she also say people should use no more than one piece of toilet paper, to help in the fight against global warming? Truly a bizarre celebrity statement, there.


She is, for lack of a better way to put it, SUCH a fuckwit.


I don't know this really, but I HAVE heard that it takes a lot more heat than a burning building to melt a solid steel construction - There DO seem to be some inexplicabilities (what do you mean that's not a word, it's a great word!) regarding the whole horrible incident - conspiracy or no conspiracy...

And ps! do not eat the blue smarties...


She's a moron.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions but not their own facts. For example, fire can melt steel. It can also weaken steel. The design of the WTC towers was such that weakening the steel was enough to trigger a collapse.

Rosie's contention that only demolition charges could make a building implode are also false. A building being constructed by the lift-slab technique fell just the same way. In fact, the buildings would need some reason not to fall straight down as gravity works even in lower Manahattan.
Her remarks about the Building 7 collapse as being the first time fire ever melted steel shows her incredible degree of ignorance. Fire has been used from time immemorial to help soften and shape steel, and all that needed to happen in the collapse of the twin towers or Building 7 was weakening of the steel superstructure - which comes from concentration of heat which need not melt the steel to weaken it sufficiently to cause collapse.

If Rosie is going to offer an opinion based on demonstrably false premises, then we are free to conclude she's an idiot. Exhaustive research has been done on the collapse of the buildings at the WTC. It is infinitely more applicable to the real world than the whacko ramblings of Rosie the dimwit.

Mister Groonk

she's obviously not a friend of engineers or science or anything practical, really.


As was previously stated, she is an idoit. 3 minutes of web surfing will get you the info that Jet Fuel fires hit 1525 degrees... and steel SOFTENS at 1475 degrees. Add shifting weight balances producing non-normal stress and boom... fallen buildings. Loudmouth should have stuck to lusting after Tom Cruise and shooting koosh-balls at her audience.

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