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June 01, 2008



I got bit by ants once near my grandmother's house, sitting under a tree. In that case, I was invading their territory. Still wasn't much fun.

I have some ants in my apartment, but they are tiny. Use of bug spray has discouraged their appearance. They know if they crawl out of the wall, they're getting nuked.

In the part of Texas where I live now, we have FLYING cockroaches. Great fun. Fortunately I've only had one make it inside on me so far.


We can only hope that your next skirmish involves video reminiscent of your previous encounter with a troublesome creature...the moistened squirrel.


AJ, could I interest you in some REESES peanut cups? :-)


Ants don't bother me so much unless they're in huge quantities. Spiders are a whole other story.


I remember growing up in Brooklyn. MY room was next to the kitchen, and if I got up to get a glass of water, the freakiest thing was:

*flip switch*

*scuttle scuttle scuttle*

Roaches do not like light. Or maybe it was just me. L

hated that!

Mister Groonk

i got bit by an ant last weekend while watching podcasts in my bed at my parent's house(aka the house i grew up in) late one night.

that thing was fricking huge.

and by huge i mean HUGE. please allow me to illustrate: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i170/groonk/21701757_them_lg.jpg

i also hate spiders but i'm ok with Spiderman.


AJ, Why don't you come to Florida, where we have real bugs...Palmetto Bugs (they're roaches on steriods). :-) Weren't you supposed to come to Florida in the summer of 1995? *smirk*


"They never ventured out of the bathroom."

Maybe they smelt something they liked. :)lol


Ahem...any chance of a new entry soon? Please?



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